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1. In "Vital Relations," McKinnon, who chairs U.Va.'s anthropology department, and the other contributors re-evaluate 150 years of social science theory on modernity, describing a variety of cases around the world that show how kinship ties still play an influential role in business and other areas, such as religion, nationality and politics.

"How does kinship work in modern society? The question is worth asking, given the high number of family firms that are so much a part of modern society," said McKinnon, who has also published "Complexities: Beyond Nature and Nurture" and "Relative Values: Reconfiguring Kinship Studies," among other scholarly articles and books.


2. In France as elsewhere in recent years, legislative debates over single-parent households, same-sex unions, new reproductive technologies, transsexuality, and other challenges to long-held assumptions about the structure of family and kinship relations have been deeply divisive.

What strikes many as uniquely French, however, is the extent to which many of these discussions—whether in legislative chambers, courtrooms, or the mass media—have been conducted in the frequently abstract vocabularies of anthropology and psychoanalysis.

This book seeks to explain why and how academic discourses on kinship have intersected and overlapped with political debates on the family—and on the nature of French republicanism itself.


3. This Curated Collection draws together five recent essays to be published by Cultural Anthropology which critically examine the topic of kinships.

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